Therapy Services - NYC

Therapy Services - NYC

2510 Westchester Ave Suite #208
Bronx, NY 10461

Therapy Services – NYC is a psychology center providing professional, caring, confidential services to patients. Therapy Services treats Private and Workers' Compensation Patients. Whatever brings you here - the referral from a friend or doctor - you will find the kind of personal attention and service that you should expect from professionals committed to excellence. Therapy Services uses Cognitive Therapy, Supportive Therapy, and Relaxation Processes which are effective for treating stress, pain, depression, sleeplessness, and other issues. 

Patient Feedback

"I have had a pleasure coming to therapy. Everyone was kind, professional, and had that human touch. They were able to assist me in understanding the ups and downs of life, and I truly appreciate that." 

"The office is very convenient, clean, and friendly staff."

"The management of my Worker's Compensation case is excellent A+."

"It has been great for me, I love my therapy sessions, it relaxes me and helps me cope with my situation better."

*Note: These are not solicited endorsements for Therapy Services.

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