Is tapping treatment effective for post-pandemic stress and anxiety?

The COVID-19 Corona Virus pandemic has undoubtedly been a significant health hazard. The repeated waves that the deadly virus has struck have claimed many lives. What is also very concerning is the toll it has taken on people's mental health. The pandemic brought a sea change in the way we live our lives. For some, it has brought a change in the way they work. All have added to create massive post-pandemic stress and anxiety.

EFT Tapping treatment- What is it about?

If you, too, are one of those suffering from this health condition, you might be exploring different treatments to treat the condition. If so, you need to be aware that you can consider the EFT tapping being tried out of the many treatments. So, if you are considering it for your treatment, let us see what it is about.

The Tapping treatment is also known as the Emotional Freedom Technique, more commonly known as EFT. It is an alternative treatment method for emotional distress and physical pain. It is also sometimes referred to as psychological acupressure.

What is believed of tapping treatment?

The practitioners of the tapping treatment believe that our bodies can create a balance in our energy system. They believe that a disruption in the body's energy primarily causes both negative emotions and pain.

How does it work?

Tapping treatment, in some ways, is similar to acupuncture. Much like acupuncture in tapping treatment, there is a focus on the energy points or hot spots. This disruption in body energy needs to be treated effectively for effective treatment. It mainly aims at restoring the energy balance to relieve the symptoms of a negative experience or emotions. In the case of Chinese medicine, the meridian points are areas of the body through which the energy flows.

You will be aware that in the case of acupuncture, needles are inserted at specific points, which are the energy points. On the other hand, in the case of the proponents of tapping treatment, there is the use of finger tapping for applying pressure.

The tapping treatment experts believe that through tapping, at these energy points in the body, specific signals are sent to particular brain points that control stress.

By stimulating these specific points of the brain that control stress, the same can be controlled, and negative emotions they believe can be gotten rid of.

Ultimately the imbalance of the energy caused by disruption is restored through the tapping or EFT treatment.


To conclude, we need to find out if tapping treatment works.

Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 Corona Virus has affected people's mental health. Whether tapping treatment can help to treat these mental conditions effectively is still not very clear as yet. But studies regarding EFT or tapping treatment indeed show they have reduced symptoms of depression just like conventional treatments. However, more studies in the field will further reveal its effectiveness. But going by some of the past studies it is likely to be highly effective.