Therapy Services - NYC​

"I have had a pleasure coming to therapy. Everyone was kind, professional, and had that human touch. They were able to assist me in understanding the ups and downs of life, and I truly appreciate that."

"My therapist is very good. He understands my problems and my needs. He is very professional." 

"The location is perfect - I can walk if I'm up to it and the office environment is very soothing. Anyone I know that needs therapy - definitely sending them your way."

"I like the therapy here, it's something new for me. I don't want to leave."

"I can't find the words on how to thank you for what you have done for me"

"I just like the fact that I can talk to someone, cause I am stressed and have a lot of worries." 

"The office is well located, easily accessible, clean, and inviting. The receptionist is very understanding and goes out of her way to help."

"I would recommend my friends come down here and talk about their problems."

"I like my therapist, she is so very, very good, kind, and understanding. Plus a great listener who is fun to talk to. I like that."

"You guys did a great job. You are good, honest, and trustworthy. It was very helpful with my case."

"I now understand what I can do to make me feel better about myself."

"The office staff are exceptionally knowledgeable and pleasant."

"It has been great for me, I love my therapy sessions, it relaxes me and helps me cope with my situation better."

"The office is very convenient, clean, and friendly"

"Excellent listener who provides meaningful feedback."

"I like the fact that my therapist takes interest in my problems, helps me hash through them in every one of our sessions, and I'm very confident that if I continue I'll accomplish my goals."

"They listen and don't judge."

"If I know anyone with issues or problems I will recommend them because this office has all the help I need."

"I've been able to release alot of stress about past, present, and what I'd like to do in the future."

"The office receptionist and insurance manager are excellent. I love them."

"I know my therapist understands because she provides outstanding advice...I actually see a difference in myself and my relationship has improved as well."

"I am working on not hating myself for being out of work. What I like is staying on what's important...not jumping from one thing to another with no focus."

"The location is convenient (good parking) and the office is very clean, good hours, and comfortable."

"I like the time they spend to listen, their concern, they provide car fare, convenient phone conversations, and everyone is very nice."

"The doctors are very good and are always there for you. I feel so different when I come over here. They're here to help you and feel so nice."

"Everything is excellent here and I feel like I'm getting the treatment needed."

"I believe my therapist is the best therapist anyone can have, and I feel extremely fortunate to have him." 

"You have a great team! Thank you."

"My experience here has been how to understand my problems, deal with them in a good way, and stay positive. Everybody at Therapy Services is very professional."

"I have come a long way with Therapy Services and hope they can keep helping me."

"The office is convenient, clean, and comfortable. The admin staff are respectful, helpful, and excellent. Keep up the good work!"

"My therapist is excellent at listening and discussing my feelings regarding my current situation."

"I'm learning so much and happy with the process."

"Everybody treated me with respect and helped me very much with everything that I needed. Thank you so much."

"I like the fact that my therapist digs slowly to the core of the problem and tries to unravel it - by not finding solutions for me, but allowing me to see them for myself. I know that with their help, I will be able to accomplish and deal with my issues in my life." 

"The management of my case is Excellent A+."

"My therapist is beyond capable & wonderfully competent. I have overcome my anxiety/panic and feel like myself again!"

"The office environment altogether is very good, hours are great, and the office furniture is inviting."

"I have accomplished how to move forward in my life."

"I like everything about my therapist, he is so soft spoken, listens to me, always patiently listening and helping me to relax. He's great with a smile and has a great personality. The entire staff is excellent." 

"My therapist is doing a wonderful job, when I need him he is always there for me, I don't want to see no one else."

"I have a better understanding about things. My therapist had patience and listened to me."

"I have learned how to understand what is going on within myself and how I can try to fix what the problems are in my life."

"I like my doctor, he's very professional and he's extremely helpful. He challenges me and gives me homework that helps throughout the week. I now have a different approach that I didn't think of to handling stress, everyday issues, and future problems."

"The office staff are very professional - I like everything here."

"I have accomplished controlling my temper, learning how to prioritize problems and daily issues."

"I'm learning so much and happy with the process."

"My doctor is capable of understanding me...I'm trying to let go of a lot of anger, guilt, and loneliness. Everything here is excellent...I'm getting the treatment needed." 

"I have accomplished in therapy identifying stress points and learning to let go of past limits."

"My therapist knows his job, is understanding, very competent, and professional. I'm getting so much from it and I know that I can make it."

* Note: these statements were not solicited recommendations, do not represent endorsements for Therapy Services-NYC , and are listed here anonymously.