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Workers Compensation Insurance in Clinton County NY

Therapy Services - NYC provides psychological treatment to workers' compensation patients. Workers' compensation is an insurance that provides employees who suffer on the job injuries with money for wages and medical care.

Physical injuries often cause loss of employment, chronic pain, and financial pressures. Patients often feel worried, depressed, have difficulty sleeping, catch anxiety attacks, and stay at home a lot. They can feel confused about these symptoms and the changes to their lifestyle.

Therapy Services- NYC treats these psychological symptoms in a caring, private, and professional setting.  We provide psychotherapy services by licensed professionals who listen to your problems, understand but not judge, teach you coping skills to reduce distress, improve sleep, and stabilize mood. These services are paid for by workers compensation insurance New York. Reports documenting issues such as Anxiety, Depression, and Sleeplessness are sent to your lawyer, the Worker's Compensation Board, and the workers compensation services Greene County.

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