​OCD therapy: Is it possible to get rid of unwanted thoughts?

OCD or obsessive-compulsive disorder refers to the mental problem triggering obsessive thoughts and compulsive behavior in people. A person affected by this problem can suffer from relentless intrusive thoughts with severe intensity. It may trigger serious problems to the well-being of the affected person. Instead of having a neutral response to the thoughts passing through the mind, a person affected by OCD can experience extreme responses in their mind and body. Extensive perseveration of their thoughts can result in anxiety. When this cycle develops, it can affect their ability to function.

Severe Impact of OCD in Behavior

People with OCD can harm themselves and others with their disturbing thoughts. They may have repetitive thoughts of killing or molesting someone. Some people can have the thought of contracting a serious disease or getting into life-threatening accidents. They feel such events may happen unless they take action to prevent the problem. The problem referred to as thought-action fusion can cause distress to the affected person.

People affected by this mental disease cannot let the thoughts come and go. They feel taking responsibility for their thoughts. Such people also give more significance to severe thoughts. If you have OCD thoughts making it tough for you to perform normal functions in your personal and professional life, see an expert. A mental health specialist can help you cope with the situation and find a solution. Instead of feeling embarrassed, take the step to get the necessary help. It can help you feel better.

Treatment For OCD

Trained mental healthcare can suggest several treatment options to get rid of unwanted thoughts. Here are some of them:

Medication To Address OCD

Mental healthcare professionals can prescribe medication to manage the symptoms. The medications suggested may depend upon the severity of your symptoms. It may include anti-anxiety, antidepressants, or commonly prescribed medications for mental health conditions. In some cases, people take natural or herbal supplements to manage the symptoms linked to the condition. But, you need to take such products after consulting with your healthcare expert.


Psychotherapy can help people manage their OCD symptoms. It can control obsessive thoughts arising in the affected person. In most cases, the experts suggest a type of CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). The specific approach known as exposure therapy can address such unwanted thoughts.

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