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​Worker’s compensation is the type of insurance that provide medical benefits and wage replacement for the injuries a person suffered on the job.  The injury that occurred to a person as a result of his/her regular duties. Although most of the cases related to the worker's compensation are related to physical injuries, some mental conditions are covered in it.

Many claim examiners request a psychological examination for the person to understand the work-related event or related psychological disorder. In this context Therapy Services-NY can help you. As our primary goal is to help the patients who have been seriously injured on the job and now suffering from lots of mental issues like depression, anxiety, sleeplessness. Due to their physical disabilities they are not able to return to their job like before and undergoing extreme financial stress.

However, before you take any action in this direction we take time and analyze their condition then after start the possible treatment.

Which type of mental condition qualifies for the worker’s compensation?

The mental conditions that are result of the injury occur at the workplace qualified for the worker’s compensation.  Some of them are mentioned below:-

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder results of anxiety and depression
  • Mental condition that is developed due to the physical injury one suffered at the work
  • Stress due to the overwork load stressed to the point of exhaustion
  • Stress results in permanent harm and damage.

When it comes to filling the worker's compensation claims for the related mental conditions, the process becomes very difficult. In comparison to the simple examination of the physical injury, psychologists need to investigate the underlying condition that proves the occurrence of the mental condition as the result of the work-related event.

Mental condition arise as the result of the physical injury

It can easy to prove the mental condition if is the result of the negligence at the work, especially when it accompanied by the physical injury. Under any circumstance employee injured themselves at the work while performing the casual course of their duty will be entitled for the worker compensation claim. As they are not only suffering physically but also financially then become liable for the compensation of the wages lost due to their absence at the work. Such types of workers claim have the most success in recovering wages.

But in the case individuals who suffer mental injuries due to severity of the physical ailment become eligible for the compensation and continuous support under the worker compensation claim regulation. In such cases, psychologists are hired to evaluate and diagnose the mental condition of the employee. Severity of physical condition can cause anxiety and depression in people.

If online psychologists at Therapy Services-NYC analyze that the mental condition is intense and hindering the ability of employee to return back on the work or to perform the duties they can entitle employee long term benefits. It will include psychological treatment or associated therapy for the speed recovery of patient.

Role of psychology in the worker’s compensation system

For the last 11 years, psychology is viewed in the favor of the worker's compensation claims. Earlier, there was only little consideration of the psychological factor in the work-related injury or reaction to the injury. Traditionally psychology is involved in the course of the treatment at the very end when the medical treatment failed. In a few weeks, if nothing seems to be worked after numerous medical procedures and several years, patients were told that they require counseling and therapy to recover.  The underlying message that goes to the patient is that everything is in your head.

Psychological treatment is involved for 1-3 years depending on the condition of patient. It could be the first session with psychologists since the need for psychological intervention was detected in the case.  Although psychology has moved up to the line of the course of the treatment that involves early diagnosis. It will help in identifying the risk factors predictive for the delayed recovery.  Apart from that it also assists in determining what psychological therapy is required for the recovery. Lastly, it helps in prescribing a reasonable and appropriate treatment plan based on what is work-related.

At Therapy Services-NYC we offer cognitive behavior therapy that has been considered the gold standard treatment approach in the range of psychological disorders. It is a front-line treatment for a wide range of psychological conditions and issues such as social anxiety, work-related stress, mood disorder, alcoholism, and others. CBT has a profound impact on the claimants who exhibits psychological concerns. This approach helps in bringing functional outcomes and relieving pain symptoms. When applied properly this psychotherapy approach can help claimants to return back on the work sooner by assisting them to cope with every work related problems. CBT help injured worker to change the negative perceptive of the workplace conditions and supervisors that hold back their motivation to go back on the job.

The basics of Cognitive Behavioral therapy

  • Common form of mental health counseling
  • Low risk and low cost component of overall treatment
  • Traditionally conducted by quality therapist
  • Help patients in developing coping skills
  • Empower patients to take hand on approach of their recovery
  • It can reverse the rewiring or neuromodeling of the brain that may occur at the time of injury

Any negative factor can influence the positive outcome of the treatment, therefore earlier intervention is better. Incorporation of CBT into the care of the injured workers shows the clear value for its positive outcome on both non- pharmacologist and pharmacologic aspect of the treatment. The new delivery method of our psychologists will increase efficient and cost effectiveness of this traditional strategy. The impact of CBT in worker’ compensation will look even brighter if industry improves its ability to evaluate the condition of the worker who needs psychological treatment.

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