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Are you suffering from a psychological injury at work then it is become hard to expect what will come next? Or what elements will be entailed n psychological evaluation by worker's compensation psychologists? At Therapy Services-NYC, we offer the services of worker's compensation claim psychologists who will cut back on stress and anxiety and help you in navigating your case most efficiently. But before we get into the details, it is vital to know what worker's compensation is?

Worker's compensation is a type of insurance that offer medical benefits or wages to the people who become injured or ill at their work. This coverage is settled at the state level, so the benefits and compensation awarded to someone will depend on where you live. In the worker's compensation claim, various types of injuries, illnesses, or issues are covered such as:-

  • Broken bones
  • Mental health issues
  • Occupational disease or illness
  • Stress-related injury
  • Overuse injuries

If this claim is approved, then workers can receive the benefits like medical expenses, loss of wages, and rehabilitation. In this case, if someone dies or suffers from permanent disability because of their job, then their benefits will be extended. When an employee accepts worker’s compensation, they waive the right to sue their employer for their negligence.

How you can file for the worker’s compensation?

When you get injured at your job then you have to report your injury immediately to your employer. If you delayed the process then you might end up losing the right to your compensation. After you have notified your employer then you will need to seek medical support for the treatment of injuries and in this process, you have to meet a worker's compensation doctor. This will not help you to feel better but also enable you to understand the extent of your injuries. It will serve as a formal assessment of the damage that has occurred in this process. If you are in the need of professional medical treatment then you should look for a reliable worker's compensation doctor. At therapy Services-NYC we have a team of psychologists who is the best trained for the process.

Once you report your worker's injury, an employer will provide you the forms that they need to fill out before they can send them over to the compensation agency and the insurance company. After this insurance company will investigate the complete scenario before they accept or deny your claim.

What you can expect from the psychological evaluation?

Are you experiencing mental, emotional, or psychological issues because of what happened at the workplace then you may undergo a psychological evaluation by the worker's compensation claim psychologists?

During this psychological evaluation, our mental health practitioners will diagnose whether a psychological condition or injury has occurred because of the work accident. With this type of information in your hand, they will determine if you are considering permanent or temporary disability damage as the result of the condition.

In the last, they will decide if you are eligible to return to your job for resume work. An adverse mental health condition like PTSD or OCD can turn out to be challenging to prove in your worker's compensation claim. In this case, you should take the support of expert worker's compensation lawyers to represent you and the best interest of the case.

Have you been injured at your work?

If the answer to this question is yes, then you must be experiencing physical or mental health issues. In this case, you should be considering filing for the worker’s compensation claim. By following this case of action, you will get the care you might need. At Therapy Services-NYC, we have developed psychological treatment centers in different parts of the country so that patients with mental issues can achieve the desired treatment and care. We have been working successfully in this industry for a long, so you can trust us for the support.

What makes us different from others?

Psychotherapy is quite an effective treatment that helps in reducing the overall need for health care and provides long-term health improvements. Yet the use of psychotherapy to treat people for mental and behavioral issues decrease over the last few decade’s whiles the use of medication has increased.  Therefore at Therapy Services-NYC, we have some of the best names on our team so that clients can develop trust for effective output.  We are different from others so do our psychologists.  Our psychologists possess many interpersonal qualities that you always look into your friends, mentor, and coach. They are approachable, warm, invested, and encouraging for your success. Additionally, our psychologists has proper training and certification to offer teletherapies for treating the mental health issues of a patient they have

Passion for learning: - We have a team of psychologists who is lifelong committed to learning. Psychological claims are difficult to be proven therefore new therapeutic approaches and ideas should be evolved to review the evidence-based research findings. With a deep desire to help patients, our psychologists are completely prepared to work for a certain type of situation or client. We believe inappropriate diagnosis or advice can harm the client, so our psychologists have the self-awareness to recognize the area where they require more training.

Client Empathy: - Our psychologists show genuine concerns and empathy, they even notice body language and nuance in one's voice tone, so you can't hide your problems from us. Rich in skills like active listening and reflection, motivate a client to share their feelings, emotions, and beliefs. When a psychologists communicates acceptance and understanding of powerful emotions being discharged. So they need to manage their feelings and reactions when working with clients in an attempt to bring some change

Ethical core: - our ethical psychologists internalize the standard set by the state board of psychology and the ethical code of psychological association. They show transparency, openness, and honesty. Everything right from the counseling of clients to insurance billing is a reproach. Besides the behavior of our ethical psychologists are congruent with their professional values and attitudes.

So if you are approaching us for help then you are making the best decision of your life that you won't regret in the future.  Our psychologists help workers in their worker's compensation claims too so that only the fair picture come in the front of the employer and insurance company.

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