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When people hear the word Health they usually think about their physical health such as good cardiovascular strength, low cholesterol levels, or absence of any sort of incurable disease. But unfortunately, countless people around us are suffering from mental health problems. It is adverse like some type of physical ailment. Without professional help for mental health services, the treatment or cure of the disease is not possible. If you want to improve the quality of your life then you should explore teletherapy services offered by Therapy Services-NYC for the support.

With our teletherapy services we strive to help people in Putnam County and around in the treatment of their mental condition. As for some people in this county help never come up because they either feel shame or feel a lack of confidence to seek assistance in this context. 

How common is mental illness?

According to stats for the National Alliance of Mental Illness, approximately one in the five Americans experiences some type of mental stress every year.  And about 10% of them experience a serious mental illness that significantly interferes with their day-to-day life activities. From bipolar disorder to schizophrenia the number of serious mental health disorders can make your day-to-day living almost impossible. Whilst countless Americans are forced to live their life with depression, anxiety, addiction, and several other disorders as there is no professional help available in this direction. According to the fact shared by the National Alliance of Mental Illness, an estimate of over 18% of the population experience obsessive-compulsive disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, or others every year.

People are making use of a substance to reduce the symptoms and therefore end up becoming addicts.  This number is almost over 20 Million of the population and half of them are experiencing adverse co-occurring mental issues.

What are the possible consequences of lack/absence of the treatment?

A mental health issue can make your life unbearable. At the same time, these problems can have a wider effect on society especially when they are left untreated or delayed in the treatment. We have the following statistics that will shed light on the facts, please have a look:-

The treatment cost of serious mental illness is about $193.2 billion which means a loss of a huge amount of money every year
Depression, bipolar disorder, and other mood disorders are the 3rd most common research reason for hospitalization of the patient between the age group of 18 to 44 years
American adults who are living with mental illness die on average age of 25 years in comparison to the others due to treatable condition
37% of students are suffering from mental health conditions and have to drop out of their school
More than 90% of children who died from the suicide are suffering from mental health conditions

Therapy Services-NYC is offering help with the mental health care conditions

If it is intervened on time the treatment course and cost of mental health services are quite low. According to a recent study people who used medical services consume 90% less frequently after receiving appropriate mental health care. Mental health services reduce the occurrence of chronic diseases such as anxiety, stress, and substance abuse.

Most important our mental health services as trying to save the life of the people while improving the outlook for the people who require help. Many of them are feeling lost or hopeless but if you believe that you are having some mental disorder then you have to take a positive step towards the recovery by contacting Therapy Services NYC for the teletherapy treatment in Putnam County today.

Why we want to spread mental health awareness

By making a positive effort in the direction to spread mental health awareness we strive to de-stigmatize how people think, identify and approach mental health issues in our society.

Having professional support, discussion with the patient and admitting their problem while teletherapy session means that we have come up with a relevant solution. At Therapy Services-NYC we are trying to remove fear and shame that are often associated with the topic related to mental health. By doing this we want to increase the likelihood of someone reaching out to us for the much-needed help.

Always remember the fact that mental health is as important as physical health and asking for help is a sign of your inner strength. Working together with our online pyschologist allows you to build a strong foundation that honor and respect the importance of good mental health.

Apart from that, there is another benefit of mental health awareness is that it can make symptoms and signals of the certain condition even more well known. Early diagnosis means that a person will get the treatment before his/her situation become adverse and his/her situation remains stable.

What are the different influencing factors for mental health?

There are so many factors out there that can influence the mental health of a person and it can be difficult to fully address them all. Therefore we want to identify the things that can be beneficial to your mental wellbeing.

The listed activities have the potential to provide a positive impact on your mental health and stability

  • Seeking therapy
  • Exercise
  • Journaling
  • mindfulness meditation
  • low or high impact yoga exercises

Learning to communicate effectively can be a good emotional good exercise for the mental and emotional health

Some adverse factors can leave a negative impact on your mental health and stability including

  • Long term stress, abuse, past trauma, or negligence
  • Social discrimination
  • Social disadvantages
  • Significant debt or poverty and others

How you can get help for mental health through Therapy services-NYC?

If you are wondering how to improve your mental health then you need someone who cares about your mental health and is ready to help you when you asked for it. Always remember that the earlier you get the treatment the better your chances of leading a normal life. You can find help through our individual teletherapies. If you are experiencing any crisis or social isolation then you should seek our immediate help. For this you don’t have to wait for your symptoms to get adverse contact us by our website, we ensure you for the minimum response time.


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