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Does anxiety make you freeze in fear? Have your relationship or professional life suffered from your high-stress levels? Do you find some change in your personality and behavior? Are you engaging yourself in unhealthy addictions to ease the symptoms?  If you are undergoing any of the above-listed problems then it is high time to seek support from experienced online psychologists at the psychological treatment center Queens County. At Therapy Services-NYC we have one of the best and most experienced staff of medical health professionals who will help you in getting hold of your anxiety and stress. They will make you free from the cycle of fear that is greatly affecting the quality of your life. Contact us today and start your telewellness journey with us. But before you get into the details of our working process it is vital to know what type of behavior is come in the category of anxiety?

Anxiety and its course of treatment

Anxiety is a heavy feeling but they don’t have to be permanent. So start your journey. At present, over 10 percent American Population is affected by anxiety. So if you are suffering from anxiety then don’t consider yourself alone. Sometimes it’s ok to be stressed to keep up with your work, friends, relationships, and lovers. But in this state, it is pretty daunted to stay informed about the rest of the world. It would be pretty uncomfortable especially if this condition becomes intense and start interfering with your daily life. This would make your life an unmanageable source of stress but you don’t have to worry as at Therapy Services- NYC, we are here with teletherapy services in Queens County and nearby areas. We have one of the best counselors and therapists on our team who will work with you to control and manage your symptoms of anxiety.

What are the common symptoms of anxiety?

Here we are listing some common symptoms of anxiety but according to the complexity of the case, people may experience an extensive range of signs

  • Uneasiness, dreads, and fears
  • A sense of impending doom or danger
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Heavy breathing and extensive sweating
  • Increased urge to avoid things that may trigger your anxiety levels.

If you are experienced any of these symptoms then it means that you are suffering from anxiety and you need care and professional health to overcome the underlying conditions.  At Therapy Services-NYC, we process, heal and help our patients in setting new goals in their life.

How our psychologists can help in the treatment of anxiety?

At Therapy Services-NYC, the care of our patients is our highest priority. We are fully dedicated to providing you with the all essential information and tools that will make your anxiety treatment as effective and comfortable as possible. Our staff is extremely friendly and remains ready to add all your questions or concerns at every step of the way. Every patient gets a chance to online contact our experienced psychologists for an extensive consultation. If you choose us for teletherapy service our technician will customize your treatment and will work around your life to schedule a session. At Therapy Services-NYC our services are quite flexible so you don’t need to adjust your busy schedule.

Our psychologists are solution-focused and believe in evidence-based practices. So if you want any help come to us, we are here to inspire, assist, and encourage you to take action in a meaningful manner.

What practices do we follow for anxiety treatment?

Our therapist uses a wide variety of modalities and techniques to help you in addressing your anxiety symptoms. The common therapies we utilized in this process include:-

Cognitive Behavior therapy: - it is a strategy-based approach that works to change the basic thinking and behavior pattern of a person and help them in developing problem-solving skills to cope with an adverse time or situation.

Diaelectrical behavioral therapy: - it is a strong practice that believes that if you bring two opposite in a therapy- change and acceptance, then you can bring about a better result than either one alone. This therapy works on the negative thinking pattern of a person and pushes the positive behavioral change.

Exposure therapy: - it is a kind of treatment that is used to break the pattern of fear and avoidance. Getting closure to the feared activities or objects in a safe environment can help a person eliminate or diminish the cause of fear.

Mindfulness techniques: - It is a form of meditation that often involves breathing methods and guided imagery in which a person focuses on what he/she senses and feels in the movement.

Rational emotive behavior therapy: - It is a form of psychotherapy in which a patient challenges, identifies, and replaces self-defeating feelings and thoughts.

How effective are our treatment therapies?

You can check our record and the satisfaction of our patients and their family members as evidence of the effectiveness of our tele treatment terminology. Timely treatment of the anxiety is important as it could become the reason for other mental health disorders, so we tailored each therapy session according to the individual needs to address the specific cause of your condition. Over time, you will learn how to reshape your thinking process to include healthier thought patterns which in turn promote beneficial actions and thoughts.

Always remember all types of anxiety disorders are treatable and you can easily achieve maximum functioning, health, and happiness. So you don’t have to continue to suffer from anxiety and let it rule your life. To learn more you can reach our website and can make a teletherapy appointment online.  We ensure you the quality treatment without costing you out of your budget. We are here to serve you with our best.