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Are you injured at your workplace or experiencing any psychological problems like chronic pain, stress, PTSD, pain, or depression? Then you can be entitled to the psychological treatment with the worker's compensation psychological program. Workers' compensation also known as workman's compensation or worker's comp provides psychological or medical treatment to workers who are suffering job-related accidents, injuries, or illnesses such as head injury, slips and falls, and trauma. The workplace injuries eventually result in behavioral or psychological issues that require detailed treatment. These psychological problems include anxiety disorder, stress, fear, Post-traumatic Stress, panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, adjustment disorder, injury, chronic pain, relationship issues, difficulty in coping with disability, and problem associated with grief and loss.

The team at therapy services NYC is licensed workers' compensation psychologists and social workers who can help injured workers to learn and understand how to cope with their problems. Therapy services NYC provides the service as a part of the injured worker's compensation insurance program. To read the psychological behavior issues our online therapist utilized techniques such as cognitive behavior therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, rational emotive behavior therapy, exposure therapy, relaxation therapy, medication, self-instruction training, mindfulness training, and psychological support. These treatments provide concrete and skill behavior techniques that can be used to regain emotional and behavioral functioning.

Therapy services –NYC is dedicated to provide the injured worker with the most effective care. Helping injured men or women in returning to the work enabling them to maintain their sense of self-respect and dignity is one of our missions. Therapy services NYC work together with the attorney and doctor to ensure that you will receive the treatment that you deserve. Our psychologists will help you to notice the complete issues including pursuing the worker compensation claim and provide all the essential reports, and testimony in a form so that you can be benefited from the care essential for this process. At Therapy Services NYC we provide neuropsychological evaluation and assessment of disability in a worker compensation case. So there is no reason to continue suffering from the psychological effects of a workplace injury or illness. Let us help you in recovering from fear, stress, anxiety, phobia, panic, and depression as our psychologists will help you to learn how to cope with chronic pain. We are responsible and authorized workers' compensation psychologists and social workers waiting to help you in Rensselaer County. One of our numerous offices is located in NYC so please contact us maybe we can help you before your case get worse. Visit our website online and fill out a form to schedule an appointment to meet our online psychologists.

What type of services is offered by the Psychological treatment in Rensselaer County?

At Therapy Services-NYC we believe that no two people are the same, so we tailored our teletherapy and other treatment options to meet the requirements of our clients. It doesn't matter whether you are suffering from depression or any other mental trauma that causes you fear or phobia, come to us. We will help you in recognizing your problem by analyzing your strength and making adjustments in certain behavior and thoughts so that you can start living your life more happily and healthily.

Can the mental issue be covered under the workers' compensation claim?

If the stress level at your job is normal or even less, then your claim can't be considered under a worker's compensation claim but if your job leads you the mental health issue like depression, PTSD or anxiety then such issues will be covered under the worker compensation claim.

Job causing stress to the workers

As more and more people in our community are returning to their normal life after the pandemic, job-rated stress is at an all-time high. Every job has its share of stressful situations but some jobs have a higher level of stress when it's come to their territory. According to data from the Bureau of labor statistics, some of the most stressful jobs are the Job of a physician, IT manager, finance manager, anesthesiologist, family and marriage therapist, lawyer, surgeon, and compliance officers.

What can be done in such a situation according to law?

According to the worker's compensation law of New York State for mental health, it can be difficult to win claims for the mental state but it is not impossible. The main reason behind such claims being very challenging is that it is hard to prove the issue is related to the job itself. Many claims related to this issue include disagreement with coworkers or high workload which can be viewed as an expected workplace problem or normal problem. There are some exceptions in which mental health claims are successful. These claims are centered on the depression or anxiety that was the result of extreme workplace situations such as racial discrimination or sexual harassment. But proving such illness can be the result of the workplace is not an external person's life factor is much more complex than providing proof of physical injury that happens in the workplace. The burden of finding such evidence remains on the shoulders of the claimant.

When the claimant can contact to Therapy Services-NYC for support, we ask them three important questions. The answer to these questions will decide whether you can claim under worker's compensation claim.

Does the mental stress at your job cause you permanent impairment?
Was the stress you have bearing at the job over the level of normal stress level?
Do you have clear proof that your mental condition is the result of work-related stress?

All these questions clarify your situation in which mental health game you have been filing for the case. They are additional factors that you should be aware of when placing the claim a mental injury is not compatible if it results from the lawful personal decision involving disciplinary action, job transfer, work evaluation, demotion, or termination taken in favor of the employer. This ensures that the employer's actions were not malicious and such a claim should not be taken seriously.

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If your work environment is causing your extreme mental health issues or stress then you should book a teletherapy session where you will be well taken care of. Here our psychologists ensure proper support in proving your worker’s compensation claims if your case is genuine. You will get the support you need without any further delay.