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When you think about PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder you imagine veterans or soldiers. Yet 7 to 8% of the American population experiences this type of disorder at least once in their lifetime. It is nearly about 8,000,000 people, it is very much a broader demographic than you are thinking. When the damage caused to a person is mental then what is workers' compensation can do?

People develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after exposure to trauma. For instance threat of death, sexual assault or traumatic deaths and workplace PTSD is no exception in this case. These days workplace violence is on the rise therefore more attention is given to the psychological side of compensation claim. After all, a mental injury also causes a deliberating impact on your ability as a physical injury does. That is why we are here to bring you teletherapy services by Therapy Services-NYC in Richmond County.

How will you know if you have workplace PTSD?

In most cases, medical professionals wait to diagnose workplace PTSD unless a person experiences PTSD symptoms once or more in a month. These symptoms must be started after the traumatic effect in the workplace. If you are thinking that you are suffering from workplace Post Traumatic Stress Disorder then there are the 3 symptoms to search for:

  • Reoccurrence of the flashbacks related to trauma, recollection, and nightmares
  • Emotional avoidance and numbness of anything that reminds you of the trauma
  • Difficulty in concentration or sleeping jumpiness, become prone to irritation or quick anger.

These symptoms can interfere with your ability to perform your job. In such cases, you have your constitutional right to file for Worker's Compensation claim

When you file for the worker's compensation claim it is alleged that it is a work-related illness or injury that lead you to the loss of your wages. Further, the family of the worker injured on the job may qualify for the worker compensation benefit too. Workplace PTSD is no different in this context. When you file for a PTSD worker's compensation claim then you have to qualify under one or all 3 types of claims that we have shared below:-

Mental physical claim: - it is a type of worker compensation claim that one filed because of workplace-related mental illness that caused a person physical illness. For instance, if you are having workplace PTSD you might experience chronic stress which makes your mental condition unstable. It can lead you to physical ailments including hypertension and ulcers.

Physical mental claims: - physical mental claims are much more common after workplace injury or trauma. It is because this type of workers' compensation claim begins with a physical injury obtained at the Jobsite before progressing to a more serious mental condition. You want to know what it means. Imagine falling at the workplace and breaking your hip, it is not only a physical injury that keeps you away from your work but also develops chronic pain.

Mental-Mental claim: - if you have work-related PTSD then you will more likely to file for a Mental-Mental claim. It is a worker compensation claim that stamp for the psychological trauma that happens to you at the job site. Later it can lead you to the psychiatric injury resulting in PTSD.

How You Can Get Workers Compensation?

Filing a Mental-Mental Worker Compensation Claim is difficult to prove. No matter how frequent workplace violent events are happening across the world. Still proving the psychological damage at work is still lagging.

Therefore when you have to claim for PTSD worker compensation claim you have to face a battle. But with the help of our three listed tips, you will feel much more confident that whatever you are doing in power is right for you.

Get a formal diagnosis from a reputed psychological treatment center in Richmond Country

The first thing that you need to do before filing you claim is to receive a formal diagnosis from pyschologists. You need to locate the best worker compensation psychologists in your area and schedule an appointment. At therapy services NYC, we offer teletherapy services in Richmond County where we have a team of experienced psychology who will be readily available for such type of work; you can fix an appointment with them. We ensure you the full cooperation. After receiving a diagnosis you need to make sure that you come for follow-up therapy and sessions the record your symptoms.

The detailed investigation of the claim

Once you have received the diagnosis you have to file for your worker's compensation claim the detailed investigation will begin. Remember when you have to schedule therapy sessions or follow-ups with your worker compensation doctor or psychiatrist this is where the tips become extremely vital.

Because in the investigation of the physical worker claim, the investigators do not have to look for symptoms related to your injury. They can see your limp or watch for a face wink or any other injury that has been recorded in the diagnosis but when it is injury related to the mental illness. Investigator will interview your family and friends about your PTSD symptoms. In this case, if they may not be able to identify the symptoms you might lose your claim. That's why the mental health care professionals at Therapy services NYC will help you to recognize the PTSD symptoms and will provide a reliable source as evidence of your claim.

If you are proved right what will the benefit you will expect?

If your worker's compensation claim is approved you will get a good reimbursement of the money you spent on your mental care. According to what your condition is you may qualify either for the permanent or temporary disability benefits.

If you qualify for the temporary disability you have to miss work while you are recovering but in the case of permanent disability benefits, you have to show at your PTSD permanent exclusion from being not able to work.

How to locate an experienced mental health professional near you?

If you are searching for a worker compensation psychologists that can help you identify the PTSD symptoms or workplace PTSD claims then you need to visit our website and share your details with us. We ensure you that we will arrange an online session with our experienced psychologists who will help you throughout the process.