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Are you suffering from mental stress or trauma and it is affecting your quality of life then you need to take support from the professionals. At Therapy Services-NYC, we have a highly qualified team of some of the best names in psychology who can deliver improved well-being to you. We follow a rigorous selection process so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. We are highly experienced and trained in all techniques of psychotherapy so no matter how intense your case is, we can deliver our 100% with the hope of your quick recovery.

What do you understand about Psychotherapy?

Talk therapy or psychotherapy is the term that is greatly used for different treatment techniques used to help a person in identifying and modifying thoughts, behavior, and emotions. At Therapy Services-NYC, the psychotherapy is performed by our trained and licensed mental health professionals who conduct one-to-one meetings or group meetings as per the requirement of the client.

You can try psychotherapy for various reasons including:-

If you are dealing with long-term stress from the job or related to the family, trauma due to an accident or loss of your loved one, or relationship failure.             
If you are experiencing some symptoms or change in your behavior without any physical explanation like a change in appetite or sleep, lack of interest in the activities that earlier you find engaging, persistent feeling of irritation or worry, sense of hopelessness or discouragement that doesn't go away.
If you’re health care provider has diagnosed or suspects that you are suffering from mental issues like depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, or any other symptom or condition that is interfering in your life. At Therapy Services-NYC we recommend psychotherapy as the first treatment or in the critical cases, it can go along with the medication.
You might be looking for the treatment of your child or any other family member who is diagnosed with a condition that is affecting the mental condition and their health care provider has recommended psychotherapy.

Our specialist psychologists carry out a simple test to estimate the level of your mental health. As neither you nor your family members can explain your symptoms, in this context a test would explain your mental health condition. It is one of the important steps as symptoms like mood swings, and trouble in concentration can change over time.

Psychotherapies and other available treatment options at Therapy Services-NYC

Psychotherapy is an easy alternative to the medication or can be effectively used with other treatment options such as medications. Although the selection of the right treatment plan depends on the person's individual needs. Even when a person is suggested to take medication for relieving symptoms, psychotherapy and other treatment interventions can help in addressing an individual's specific mental issues including problems in communicating with other people, fear, self-defeating way of thinking, and dealing with the adverse situations at school, home or office.

What elements are included in psychotherapy?

Different types of teletherapies have turned out to be effective over specific mental issues. For instance, the approach of treatment followed for the person suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder is different for someone who has depression or stress disorder. At Therapy Services-NYC we have a clear understanding of the fact that a mental disorder can become the cause of the issue therefore our psychotherapists follow a primary approach of incorporating different elements in the therapy sessions So that the condition of the patient can be treated well.

Elements that we include in our therapies:-

  • Assisting people to become aware of their ways of thinking, although this process is automatic in some cases it turns out to be inaccurate and harmful. Therefore in Rockland County, our psychologists help people in finding the ways to question these thoughts and understand how they can impact the behavior and emotions of a person and bring significant change in the self-defeating patterns. This therapy is known as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
  • Determine the possible ways to handle stress and help in developing problem-solving strategies.
  • Observe the interaction of the patient with others and guide him/her with communication and social skills
  • Relaxation and mindfulness techniques could be included in the lifestyle to attain better results like breathing exercises and mediation.
  • We have exposure therapy for people who are suffering from anxiety disorders. It is a type of CBT in which a person spend a certain time in a supportive environment and learn techniques to tolerate the distress associated with certain ideas, items, and other causes.
  • Tracking behaviors and emotions to raise awareness and their impact on your quality of life.
  • Counseling assists people to share troubling ideas to achieve desired support.
  • Designing a safety plan for the people who have self-harming thoughts or ideas

At Therapy Services-NYC we don’t claim that our efforts in pursuing psychotherapy are authentic and will provide your desired result in a particular time frame. There is no formal approved method to treat mental disorders. But research conducted on a large number of patients who have taken therapies shows promising results.

So if you are experiencing any sign or symptom that is different from your basic behavior then you should not lose time to reach us. We have a team of experts who are ever-ready to serve your needs on your terms and conditions. Whenever you come to us, we will strive to learn more about you and your mental issues in detail so that we can design a plan of action accordingly.

For this you have to fill out a form present on our website, asking about the symptoms or signs you are experiencing these days. It will help us to know about the complexity of your case. We assure you that we will not take much time to reach you back.  Our approach to work is positive so do our psychologists who work for us.