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At present mental health problem is recognized as the leading public health problem and management of the mental health issue places are causing an unnecessary burden on the health services.  A mental disorder is identified as a disturbance in the individual's emotional regulation, cognition, or basic behavior. Different types of mental health problems persist. The broader term used for covering mental disorders is psychological disabilities or other mental states that are associated with impairment in brain functionality, distress, or self-harming risk.

Every 5 out of 10 people around the world are forced to live a life with a mental disorder, especially anxiety or depression. With time number of people living with mental disorders will rise significantly due to the emergence of the COVID 19 pandemic. The initial study reflects that within a year 26 to 28 % of patients suffering from major depressive or anxiety disorder increased. Although effective treatment and prevention options exist, most people ignore the initial symptom of their mental health and get into serious trouble. People with some sort of irregularity in brain functionality experience stigma, violation of human rights, or discrimination, and they are not provided with an effective health care facility.

At therapy Services-NYC, we are trying to resolve the mental issues of people by providing them the necessary care that they deserve. We strive to offer people ample resources that will help them bounce back to their normal state. Although our treatment procedure is effective still it consumes time for the process. So if you have enrolled yourselves or someone you know or care then rest assured our services are right for your support. We have a team of highly eligible psychologists who are well trained and certified to provide you with therapies that will bring significant improvement in your mental condition. So rest assured.

Here we are sharing some common mental health problems that affect the psychological condition of the people

Anxiety disorder: - At present several million people are suffering from anxiety disorder including millions of adolescents and children. Anxiety disorders are characterized by excessive worry, fear, and associated behavioral disturbances.  Many a time, symptoms of this disorder are intense enough to result in significant impairment in the brain functionality or distress. At Therapy Services-NYC we treat different types of anxiety disorders like social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, separation anxiety disorder, and others. We have effective treatments for this mental disorder depending on the severity, age, and medication.

Depression: - among 300 million people who are suffering from depression including 23 million adolescents and children, at therapy services-NYC we have suitable treatment for them.  Depression is different from the usual mood swings and short-lived emotional challenges that occur in everyday life. During the critical stage of depression, people start experiencing loss of pleasure, depressed mood, and loss of interest in activities for most of the day, nearly every single day for a specific period. Other symptoms of this mental disorder include a feeling of guilt, low self-esteem, poor concentration, hopelessness about the thoughts, and future, suicidal thinking, disrupted sleep, change in weight or appetite, feeling low energy, and so on. People who are in a state of depression are at a high risk of suicide. Therefore at Therapy Services-NYC, we offer effective psychological treatment, depending on the severity of the condition. We believe our team of psychologists will bring significant improvement in the condition of the patient with their therapy sessions. It might take time but the results will be promising and long-lasting.

Bipolar depression: - in the year 2019, almost 40 million people experienced the bipolar disorder.  People who are suffering from bipolar depression experience intensively sad and irritably empty surroundings. People who got the advanced stage of bipolar depression symptoms include irritability, euphoria, increased talkativeness, increased or decreased need for sleep, racing thoughts, and impulsive reckless behavior. To stop the patient from committing suicide at therapy services-NYC, we have come up with the most effective treatment possible. It will help increase psychoeducation, reduction of stress, and strengthen social functionality.

Dissocial disorders and disruptive behavior: - over 50 million people across the globe are suffering from the dissocial disorder. It is known as conduct disorder and it is one of two disruptive behavior and dissocial disorders opposite to the defiant disorder. This disorder is characterized by a consistent behavioral problem such as disobedience or defiance to behaviors that violate the basic rights of others. The root of this problem is not always associated with childhood.  At Therapy Services-NYC we have effective treatment that includes parents, teachers, and caregivers in the teletherapy sessions for developing cognitive problem solving or training of social skills.

Who is at a high risk of developing mental disorders?     

At a time, diverse sets of family, individuals, structural factors, and community may combine to undermine or protect mental health. In most cases, resilient people, or people who are exposed to the adverse situations of life, including violence, poverty, inequality, and disability are at great risk of developing a mental disorder. Risk and protective factors include psychological and biological factors such as genetics and emotional skills. All these protective and risk factors influence the frequent change in the brain's functionality and structure.

Therapy Services-NYC‘s social support and health care systems

At present, the existing health care system is not adequately responding to the needs of the people who suffer   from mental health issues. Therefore at the Therapy Services-NYC, we offer tele therapy services in different counties to bridge the gap between the requirement of the treatment and quality support. We have a team of experienced psychologists who are renowned for offering matchless services and support to the patients according to their needs. In the current scenario one-third of the population across the globe is suffering from depression and other mental issues.

Such people deserve proper care and attention. At Therapy Services-NYC, we offer both medical and social support that ensures the quick recovery of the patient. We have different types of treatment programs and activities that will bring them back to life. So what are you waiting for approaching us for the support? We are the best psychological service provider so you can trust us for the services.