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If you are undergoing any mental issue or problem then you should reach the professional psychological treatment in Tompkins County for support. At Therapy Services-NYC we have some big names on our employee list, so if you are thinking to come to we then don't think much. We will strive to prove your selection right. There are many part-time psychologists too, and then what makes our psychologists and their services different?

At Therapy Services-NYC we have a team of psychologists who have undergone academic and clinical education in psychology to better understand the behavior and mind of human beings. They provide their services to people with acute, moderate to severe mental conditions or going through distress or difficult time. People can receive different services from our psychologists depending on their area of specialty.

For instance, psychologists can help someone with symptoms related to stress or depression. The same person may be dealing with some other issues too such as bereavement or anger problems then the psychologists you chose should be the one who has the knowledge and experience to help people in different situations. A common approach to treating these issues is psychotherapy which is a talk therapy to help people cope with their symptoms and improve their well-being. In some cases, psychologists can work with other health care professionals to provide the treatment. In this context, online Psychologists at Therapy Services-NYC are the best for the consideration. We conduct diagnostic assessments of the patient to find the best opportunities to treat them well in a lesser time frame. However, everything depends on the mental state of the patient and their willpower to bounce back.

Some popular therapies to treat common mental issues

Talk Therapies are the psychological treatment for emotional and mental problems like anxiety, stress, or depression. There are different types of talk therapies but they involve working with a trained therapist.  Therefore at Therapy Services-NYC, we have come up with a few therapies that our psychologists commonly use

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: - The main aim of CBT is to support the patient in exploring and changing their way of thinking about their life so that they can free themselves from the unhelpful pattern present in their behavior. A patient can set goals with their psychologists and make areas or tasks between the sessions. This course might include 5 to 20 sessions in which each session can last up to 30 to 60 minutes. CPT has shown promising results for a variety of mental health problems including anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, eating disorder, etc. CBT is available at Therapy Services-NYC for the people with the above-listed problems and it has been proven that our psychologists are reliable and responsible for this course of treatment.

Interpersonal therapy: - IPT is also a talking therapy that helps people suffering from depression in identifying or addressing the problems present in their relationships with partners, family, or friends. The main idea of interpersonal therapy is to help people suffering from the poor relationship so that they can move ahead in their life. Depression can make their relationship with other people even worse. So at Therapy services NYC, we offer IPT to the patients who have mild to moderate depression and their mental issues haven't responded to another type of talking therapy such as CBT.

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy: - Mindfulness-based therapy helps a person to focus on their thoughts and feelings as they happen, instant by instant. MBCT is used to support people by preventing their depression from coming back and helping them with some sort of stress and anxiety. MBCT is the combination of mindfulness techniques such as breathing and meditation exercises with cognitive therapy which is all about learning how to manage your thoughts and how to feel good?

How to choose a psychologists for tele Therapy?

There are different types of psychologists available online as well as offline. Some of them even charge quite a less amount for their therapy sessions to appeal to more and more customers. But this doesn't prove their effectiveness and experience to cure your problem, therefore at Therapy Services-NYC; we have come up with the psychological treatment center in Tompkins County where we have the best team of psychologists who has proven themselves as an asset for the center.  When you are on the hunt for psychologists you look for a professionally trained and clinically skilled enabled person who can help you in learning how to cope with mental health problems and life issues. All these qualities are present in our experts. After completing their graduation and supervised training our psychologists become licensed by the state to offer several services including therapies and counseling.

How you can make the most out of the outpatient therapy?

At Therapy Services-NYC we follow various approaches for the outpatient therapy and various formats in which it may occur including group, individual, and family therapy. Apart from all these variations, all these therapies are the two ways settings in which the work went well when psychologists and patients communicate openly.

According to the research, the outcome of the therapy improves when a patient and psychologists agree early on the major problems and how therapy can help them.

If a patient can maintain and establish a good working relationship with the psychologists then he/she can expect a positive outcome. You have to be clear about your expectations and hare all the concerns that arise during the process.  A patient needs to attend all the sessions of the therapy and share forethought what he/she wants to discuss during the session.

How you can reach us?

On Therapy Service-NYC online website, we have shared an online form where you will be asked to fill in your personal details and symptoms associated with your mental health problem. Once you submit this form we strive to evaluate your condition by reaching back to you as soon as possible.