Use Tapping Therapy to Get Rid of Anxiety and Fear

Introduction: there are many proven therapeutic ways to handle and manage anxiety and fear. Of the many therapeutic ways that work, tapping therapy is a treatment method for treating anxiety and fear. 

But what exactly is tapping therapy? How does it work & is it effective in the complete treatment process of fear and anxiety

Let us discover more below.

What's Tapping Therapy?

EFT Tapping therapy is the painless method of continuous body point tapping to stimulate energy pathways in the body. EFT tapping borrows heavily from the Chinese treatment style of acupuncture. The Emotional Freedom Techniques continuously explore the areas that include: below the nose, lips, around the eyes, underarm, head, collarbone, and heel of the hands. These are simulated taps on these specific body parts that affect the flow of energy in the body.     

Whereas there are multiple ways to treat and heal the body, the work of EFT tapping has been scientifically backed-up with regular updates in medical journals. The question is, how does EFT Tapping Therapy help bring healing from anxiety & fear?   

Ways EFT Tapping Therapy Applies in Treatment of Anxiety & Fear

1. State your present mental well-being of thoughts, fears & anxieties. The point is to evaluate your level of stress, anxiety or fear at the moment.   

2. Make a specific statement that identifies your health problem and the acceptance of its presence. That also establishes willingness to resolve it with help & assistance from the tapping experts.

3. Start tapping sessions on specified body parts in a routine-wise format until there is a feeling of change. 

4. In the tapping process, reaffirm the specific statement that gives guidance & direction to deal with the specific mental health disorder. 

5. Repeat tapping sequences while evaluating the progress of your feelings at the end of each session. There are a total of nine focus areas that are the acupoints for body energy flow. 

Is EFT Effective in Handling Metal Health Conditions

a) It's adapted across PTSD & ADHD ailments & sicknesses. 

b). There's health progress in patients with depression, stress, fear & anxiety.

Advantages & benefits of Tapping Therapy

1. Easy & Simple Treatment Process

There are several benefits of EFT Tapping for the treatment of stress & anxiety. The best is the simplicity & ease of carrying out the healing process.

2. Takes Shorter Time

Most treatment routines are time-consuming as there are many elaborate steps before starting the treatment process. EFT Tapping is instant & impactful. It manifests a faster change in the patients of stress, anxiety & fear.

3. Less Costly

Unlike other treatment or therapeutic approaches, tapping is simply light taps on the body parts that enhance flow energy & concentration. It doesn't require the purchase of costly equipment to handle physical conditions.

4. Zero Pain 

The therapy adopts a very light tapping of body points that stimulates the nervous system and encourages a specific flow of energy along certain energy pathways along the recovery path. 


With the availability of simple methods to handle life-threatening ailments and other emotional traumas, EFT Tapping is a breakthrough treatment technique that delivers higher & better results while dealing with feat & anxiety. With, patients can access the best treatment regimens & methods.